NYPAN Southern Finger Lakes

Southern Finger Lakes chapter of New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN)



Excerpts from our Bylaws (full version in link below):

Mission Statement

NYPAN-SFL is a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of progressive issues at the local level.  We are inspired by the political movement started by Senator Bernie Sanders but are open to participation from all progressives regardless of their political-party affiliation.  Our leadership members meet regularly to plan activities (including public outreach and education around the issues), to build networks, and to recruit and support candidates for public office.  We are a chapter of the statewide umbrella group New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN).

Vision Statement

  • We wish to create a space to have our voices heard.
  • Our key issues are climate change and renewable energy, social and economic justice (living wage and tax reform, protecting the safety net for seniors), election and campaign finance reform (Federal and State), healthcare (Medicare for all and Planned Parenthood), women’s rights, and education.
  • We will work to get more progressives elected into town and county committees and local offices. We plan to keep track of our Un-Representatives’ votes and hold their feet to the fire via rallies, meetings, office visits and letters to the editor.
  • We wish to unite with other groups and not be divisive.


Bylaws of NYPAN SFL

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