Trailblazers Pac Candidate Training

Saturday, February 3rd 2018

I.B.E.W. Local 139

A large crowd attended the Trailblazers PAC Candidate and Supporter Workshop at the I.B.E.W. Local 139 in Elmira this past Saturday. Over half a dozen confirmed and potential candidates from inside Chemung County as well as potential candidates from Tompkins and Steuben counties were in attendance. The 4 hour training was jam packed with essential information for everyone as campaign season starts.  

Joe Messmer / Denise King

Various speakers presented throughout the day, sharing their expertise and helping equip the candidates with the necessary tools to begin our campaigns. Denise King got the training started with “Things you need to get over”; a pep talk that was inspiring to hear.  Her message was loud and clear;  everyone has the ability to become involved, don’t let your fears stop you, and fake it till you make it.  Denise also covered campaign structure and voter outreach. Joe Messmer gave a tutorial of campaign data and instruction on how to create a campaign database. Leslie Danks-Burke lent her expert insight into fundraising and the importance of messaging. Rachel Barbour closed out the training with traditional and social media strategies.

Leslie Danks-Burke

All in all it was a productive afternoon spent with a dynamic group of individuals committed to improving their communities by running for local offices. The skills, tips, and tricks shared will go a long way to helping prepare for the 2018 election cycle.


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