This is what democracy looks like! This is what America looks like! Standing with our Muslim brothers and sisters to speak out against the current Administration’s immoral and illegal position on immigration and refugees. Citizens for a Better Southern Tier thanks Imam Zaman Marwat for sharing the hopes and fears within the Muslim community within the Southern Tier as well as Connie Seifert from the United Methodist Northeast Jurisdiction and Gary McCaslin from the American Baptist Church for their support and words of guidance. Thanks to Chris Walters for giving a first hand account of the struggles and fears of refugees. Lastly, thanks to Vinnie Nykiel for conducting the rally. It is truly inspiring to see a community come together. No matter what our political or religious views, we all want the same thing, a better life here in our hometown — for our families, our neighbors and friends. We want a thriving, vibrant community where ALL people are respected and most important — represented. We ask that Tom Reed hear his constituents and do the right thing!


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